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Sports Development Sessions for children aged 5 years – 18 years

    • Venue: Oakwood School, Chichester, West Sussex.
    • Cost: Bespoke
    • Session Time: 1 hour session times available on a Saturday from 9am – 3pm.



Tribal Sports Development Sessions

Sessions available: 1-2-1, Siblings and Small Bubbles of 4 – 5 Children.

Where: Chichester, West Sussex

When: Every Saturday

How long for: 1 hour

Ages: 5 years – 18 years

Price: Bespoke to the child’s needs and requirements


The sessions are bespoke to the child, taking into consideration both theirs and the parents needs, wants and desires. We advise for sessions to be conducted regularly to create structure within the routine.

Gemma’s Sessions are renowned for:

– Supporting Confidence – Building Stamina – Enhancing Resilience – Aiding Weight Loss or Weight Control – Increasing overall fitness, health and wellbeing- Instilling Leadership skills – Building trust – Channeling Focus – Imbedding a Teamwork mindset- Increasing Self Esteem.

If you would like your child to:

  • –  Be more confident within themselves
  • –  Increase their self belief
  • –  Get active and step away from the dreaded electronics
  • –  Become more resilient in their relationships at school
  • –  Learn how to control anxiety or stressful situations
  • –  Have a better relationship with their sibling/siblings
  • –  Develop their motor skills


The list is endless …. these Sessions could be  just what you are looking for.

Gemma has worked with Primary and Secondary children for a number of years managing Duke of Edinburgh Award and setting up/co-ordinating an Army Cadet Force for a West Sussex Secondary School. Tribal is now her focus and alongside organising Sports Events for Adults and Children across the South Coast, she also runs Children’s Fitness Bootcamps every afternoon at a school in West Sussex. Her main passion is Children and Young People, focusing on their fitness, wellness and mental health.Gemma’s area of study is in: Sports Psychology BSC Honours Degree , Level 2 in Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health, Level 2 Fitness Instructing for Children, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Gemma is DBS checked and holds an in-date First Aid at work qualification.


What does a Session look like with Gemma?

Children are dropped oto Gemma and collected in 1 hour. The child works better when the parents are not present as they can become easily distracted. A warm up is conducted followed by the main session which will be bespoke to the child and their needs. To give you an idea Gemma has run the following activities at previous sessions:

  • –  Tyre Drag, Weighted Ball Carry, Log Carry (along a suitable run route)
  • –  Cargo Net Crawl
  • –  Circuits
  • –  Functional Fitness
  • –  Boxing
  • –  Teamwork activities
  • –  Trust Activities
  • –  Running
  • –  Tractor Tyre Flipping
  • –  Log Flipping
  • –  A cool down takes place at the end before the child goes home.


Regular communication is kept between Gemma and the parents to adjust the sessions for the child to ensure they are suitable and achieving the best result for the individual at all times.For peace of mind for parents who are considering booking a session, here are some testimonials from parents that Gemma currently works with:


  • A great balance of fun, support, motivation and challenge!
    The perfect way to encourage children (or anyone!) to enjoy the outdoors and get fit! There should be more of this for everyone…!
    Gemma adapts each session for the individual dependant on their goals, attitude and ability. She is a great listener and any child would thrive in her care.
    Thanks so much!!


  • Millie has been fortunate to spend time with Gemma Le-Roy in her 1:2:1 sessions since summer of 2019.
    My prime aim for Millie was to strengthen all sensory, physical and emotional challenges a child, especially one with special needs, might have. For Millie, this is even more important as she is 3 years into an acute and chronic medical journey, in which she faces the probability of a hysterectomy later this year, at the tender age of 16 years.
    Gemma has evolved and invested greatly in creating a bespoke programme to nurture on all of the above mentioned levels and Millie has advanced hugely on all fronts.
    Most of all, Millie connects with Gemma brilliantly! This is huge to me as her Mother, knowing she is safe and having great fun and nurturing in every session. Gemma is now another extension of Millie’s daily life and family.
    Tribal Sports is Gemma’s heart led vision that delivers on every level. You’ll never doubt trusting in these sessions with Gemma if you sign your child up.
    Thank you Gemma!


  • Since starting 1-2-1 sessions last year, my son’s confidence has really grown and he has become more mindful too. Gemma has developed a lovely bond with him and he is so enthusiastic about her sessions. He always comes away from them motivated and in the best of moods. Gemma is also excellent at communicating with me too and adjusting the sessions to whatever is going on in Daniel’s world on that particular week. I couldn’t be more happy with the service she provides!


  • Really pleased we found Tribal. There are various provision for football, cricket, rugby etc and park run but if your child shys away from ball games and maybe running just isn’t for them it’s a struggle to find structured active alternatives. Our son was struggling with his confidence which was having a knock on effect with his social skills and school life. He has been working with Gemma for a few months now and we have seen a massive improvement in his confidence which has had a positive eect on his social skills and interaction with his friends.He loves going to his Tribal sessions 2-2-1 sessions with his younger brother and they come home full of energy and sets them up for a happy weekend.Thank you Tribal.


  • “My son F has been enjoying Tribal Fitness’s after school clubs at Chichester Free School for two years. He describes it as finding ‘his thing’, and he loves the range of activities oered, and has improved both his strength and stamina since joining.As a parent, I value the supportive, motivating enthusiasm of the Tribal Team, who have encouraged F to push and challenge himself to new levels in a safe and supportive environment.Having directly seen the way that my own child has benefitted from interacting with the team, and his ongoing enthusiasm for the clubs they offer, I wholeheartedly support Tribal Fitness’s ambitions to develop a stand-alone hub in Pagham- they will be a tremendous asset to the community.


  • Here at Chichester Free School we recently set up a unit for children that struggle to access mainstream education in secondary. The aim was to give these challenging students a dierent take on education and ways to manage their behaviour with strategies for themselves.We tried various extra-curricular activities to see the children in dierent environments to try and see how they think and operate. One of the avenues we investigated was using Tribal Events.The mix of teamwork and sports activities initially had little impact on the children’s behaviour in lesson time. However, after a short period of time, things started to improve. Previous alliances and cliques started to dissolve, as Gemma kept rotating members of teams and designing activities that challenged them just enough to seek help from peers.Discipline was key, and Gemma managed to instil this into the various cohorts for sports events, and this transferred into the class room after a few sessions.Overall, it was a beneficial use of our budget and had a good impact on some very challenging children.

If you would like to chat further with Gemma to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact her on:



Office: 01243 930 093 Mobile: 07863 488 368