With 750m of swimming, 23km of biking and 5km of running, completing a triathlon is no easy task for anyone and thats just the Sprint distance!

We are proud to say that a triathlete is one of the most well-rounded athletes in the world. Its no wonder when you think about it.

Whole Body Workout

Multisports provide a whole body workout. You work many muscle groups within your body through the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. You will develop lean muscles, build strength and tone your entire body.


If you are looking to loose wright, this is the ideal sport. Swimming, cycling and running, known as cross training will make you feel ‘fit’ like never before as well as burning off huge amounts of body fat.

Health Benefits

Mixing up your training will help lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes and obesity as well as lowering risk of osteoporosis or depression. Athletes of multisports have larger hearts and a heart rate that is 17% below the average heart rate. A triathletes heart does have to work as hard as a heart of a non-trained individual. This will automatically add extra years to your life.

Whole Foods

Naturally once you enjoy your training and start to see results, you will naturally want to support your hard work with a healthy balanced diet. Your body will need the fuel to ensure it can train effectively through all three disciplines.


Hands down you will notice a huge increase in your energy levels. In-turn this will help you to increase productivity in other areas of your life such as your work and family life.

Injury Free

As you combine three different sports, your body is less likely to become injured. Each discipline focuses on different parts of your body and muscle groups, taking the constant stress off of one particular muscle group. You should be able to train injury-free for longer increasing speed and stamina overtime.

Mental Health

Confidence and bragging rights are increased. From the training you take part in, to the events you race at, your confidence will go sky high, having a positive knock on effect on your Mental Health. You should feel very proud of your achievements!

Why not come join us at our next Triathlon on Sunday 4th August 2019 at Freedom Leisure Centre, Felpham, Bognor Regis and put some of your training into practice.

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